"Bravery is the magic that gives flight to what might have been an ordinary life." 

Ruby Koevert

Ruby Koevort

Certified Reiki Master, Conscious Aging Facilitator, Student of western herbals, Ayurveda and medicine making, business owner, mother of two, novice photographer and lover of all things natural, Ruby Koevort provides lovely soaps and other natural care products which honor the planet and delight her clients. 

Photo taken by Ruby Koevort

Ruby’s powerful voice moves her audiences to tears, as a musician and as a Soul Writer & Author.

"My path is often hidden from view, but if there is one single purpose I should choose to acknowledge, it would be to be able to show each & every being that they too deserve to feel gratitude for themselves. That each should know that they too are so much more than they think. That against all that we have been told to believe, Gratitude is not for a select few, for the more deserving. It is our right. It is the front door to our 'home'. May we all know that we are more courageous, infinitely wiser and wildly more gifted than we 'choose' to see. Should Gratitude of ourselves be our top priority, then what a brighter world we will have gifted ourselves."

Ruby Koevort