JUNE 1, 2019

We want to share this awakening with the world. 

This event is the launching of not just the book but the idea that YOU ARE BRAVE!  

  This day is for those who move through their days with their

hearts tired and their souls hungry.

This day is to recharge you, to make connections with other every day Brave Souls.

This day will inspire you to fall in love with your own Brave Soul!

Meet the Team

We love how this movement takes attendees and inspires them into Movement Makers.  These new team members bring their diverse passions to the mix to help in creating this day another powerful celebration of everyone's Brave Soul Journey.

Christy Shardlow-Kennedy

In a world where you can be anything,
be kind and love like crazy!

Christy is bringing her vibrant and powerful experiences as promotion and event coordinator to the Brave Souls - Quesnel event.

Heidi Preston

 Love is the Way 

Heidi has found that approaching each situation and relationship with acceptance, curiosity, and love allows for taking small steps toward bravery on a daily basis. She enjoys working with children and youth and finds encouraging others on their path to bravery to be very fulfilling. She likes to add a dose of humour and some practical jokes to keep things light. Heidi is very honoured to be part of the team bringing the brave soul movement to Quesnel!

Cari Rawling

Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What
Sets Your Soul on Fire!

Cari can truly say she doesn’t work but rather plays for a living! Cari has been an Early Childhood Educator in Quesnel for over 25 years and has had the joy of teaching many Brave Little Souls. Cari is the loving mother of 2 wonderful boys and is married to her best friend Mark! When not playing, Cari loves adventure in the outdoors, walking her dog and is an avid geocacher. As a lifelong learner, Cari seeks to understand and discover who she is and always lean into becoming best possible Cari that she is.

Keynote Speakers

Danielea Castell

Nature Empath, Planetary Sound Weaver, Performance Artist, and  Advocate for Rights of Nature

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Janice Butler

Published Author, Award Winning Theatre Coach, Counselor, Embodiment of Divine Love, and Life Changer.

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Meet the Speakers

We are honored and excited to welcome some truly powerful speakers to the Brave Souls' Day - Quesnel 2019.   Speaking with divine wisdom and bravery their stories will move and inspire you.

Helen Styles

Breath Work Ceremony

Cara Butler

Lacey Ratcliff

Discussing Post Partum Depression

Colleen Stoker

Bringing Forth Change for People Carrying Shame

Movers, Shakers & Music Makers

Bringing you the music and the movement to this heart filled day!

Ruby Koerts

Voice of Power and Soul!

Brody Lamarche

Discussing Post Partum Depression


Lise Schulze

Body Shaker Guru
and Truth Teller

Sophia Sword

The Venue

Located in North-Central British Columbia, Quesnel showcases the best of what the Cariboo Region has to offer.  At the forks of the two rivers, The Fraser and The Quesnel, this city is rich with tourism and history.   Just an hour and a quarter south of Prince George and 5 hours north of Cache Creek, Quesnel draws international business and tourists to its beautiful community.


The day's events are being held at the historical Billy Barker Casino Hotel, located in the heart of Quesnel. Full of character and charm, it is close to all the amenities and features a cafe/restaurant, lounge and fully equipped and modern casino. They have graciously offered a limited number of rooms at a discounted rate for Brave Soul attendees.  These rooms, like all their rooms, are decorated in a unique historical style so reserve yours while these rates are available.


We are excited and delighted to have Billy Barker Hotel providing catering services for the day.  Launching our morning with a continental sidebar and then nourishing us with a lunch complete with Gluten Free and Vegan options.

In addition, Quesnel is home to an extensive Arts and Recreation Facility, hiking/walking trails, cultural exhibits, and many outdoor attractions.  We encourage you to take advantage of these to round out your stay.