What is a Brave Soul? by L.Neil Thrussell

A Brave Soul is the introvert that musters up the courage to sing in a choir or take up public speaking. (Public speaking is generally rated by many as the number one fear – right after the fear of dying.)

• A Brave Soul is person that takes the path less traveled, beating to the sound of their own drum. Following their passions rather than predetermined societal norms.

• A Brave Soul is person that is willing to say, “I don’t know”, when they really don’t know the answer to a question.

• A Brave Soul is the first person to say, “I am sorry”, as it can take a tremendous amount of courage to admit when we are wrong.

• A Brave Soul is someone trying something new in spite of their own fears.

• A Brave Soul is saying, “I love you”, to someone for the first time.

• A Brave Soul is someone admitting they have an addiction problem.

• A Brave Soul is someone facing a daunting task with courage and sense of dignity.

• A Brave Soul is asking for help.

• A Brave Soul is a person that is able to say to their peers, “No!” Peer pressure can weaken even the strongest and most resolute person.

• A Brave Soul is person that can look themselves in the mirror and say, “I’m okay.” Even with their naked reflection staring back at them.

There is a Brave soul in each of us. We just need the tiniest bit of courage to let it out!

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