Smile Bravely - Cari Rawling

This is my friend Cari. She's such an hero. She has two beautiful gifts in her boys and now has extended her family to include her love Mark and his clan. I've seen her go through many touch challenges and I've seen her face many tough challenges with courage and love! She's amazing.

Here's what she had to say about being a Brave Soul: "A brave soul helps others even when they may be dealing with stress themselves, a brave soul smiles even when there isn't much to smile about, a brave soul perseveres even when hard things keep happening, a brave soul finds the positive moments that make life worth living, a brave soul sees the magic around them and finds the magic within them, a brave soul inspires others even if they don't know it, a brave soul is's me's all of us...when we learn to understand what being brave is." Cari Rawling

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