Shining Brightly - Garret Pristie

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Garret Curtis Pristie is an angel. Truly he is an angel.

I met Garrett at Mr. Mikes where he was the manager. He is 20 years old. His light shines so brightly that the restaurant didn’t even need lights!!! Everyone absolutely adores Garret. We all want to just be near him, to be a small part of the miracle that he is and have him beam that gorgeous smile upon us!

Garret’s life has been a true hero’s journey. He has faced abandonment by the very people who were supposed to love and care for him and he rose above it all to claim his strength and courage. Garret worked his way through High School by holding down three jobs. As a manager, he cared so much about his staff and ensured they were treated with respect and care. He is a great friend to all he meets.

He BRAVELY CLAIMS all that he is without apology. He is kind and fair and honest and so BRAVE!!! I am super excited that Garret has agreed to be part of our BRAVE SOUL DAY SEPT 8 2018 as a speaker. You won’t want to miss this! You’ll fall in love with him, I know you will because I have and you won’t be able to help yourself!!!!

~Janice Butler

Everything about this young man screams BRAVERY!!! Here is what he had to say about what he thinks a BRAVE SOUL is!

A BRAVE SOUL IS: Someone who is willing to continue to grow and change in an effort to make themselves happy. They’re prepared to enter the unknown and embrace the confusion so that they can find true happiness and self-love!

Garret Curtis Pristie


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