Lise is Love

She is one of the bravest souls I know. I met Lise soon after I moved back to Southern Alberta at the suggestion of my niece Kacey. She said I would love Lise and she was right! Lise is love.

As I have gotten to know her over these past few years, I have seen her in many different situations with many different people and always, her love shines through. Whether she is dancing with the Seniors or teaching people how to breathe deeper during yoga, Lise does it all with great love and compassion.

The first class I attended, Lise hugged me after and whispered in my ear, “I love every cell of your beautiful body”. I cried. Those words were like a healing balm administered by an angel of love. As an audaciously built plus size mama I had never heard those kind words before, from anyone else, including myself and it moved me and transformed me. I knew I was safe with Lise! That is what I love and admire so much about Lise. She sees who people really are! She sees through all the B.S. shields we put up and just sees the true us!

She also has so much integrity! She speaks the truth and you always know where she stands. She brings clarity and honesty to every situation. Lise is running for town council and as I met with her today and she shared her hopes for our beautiful community and what she dreams of seeing happen in Claresholm, I was once again moved to tears. Her sole purpose is to bring truth, understanding, light and most importantly, LOVE to the council.

I so admire her strength and courage. I so admire her truthful loving presence. I so admire her willingness to share her gifts and abilities. But most of all, I admire her adamant unwavering commitment to creating a more loving community!

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