Guest Writer Ruby Keovort - Why a Brave Souls day?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Because we NEED it.  In today’s society, we are ingrained with Bigger, Better, Bolder.  It only matters and is effective if it happens on a grand scale. A Miracle. An event of cataclysmic proportions. So life altering that someone is forever changed. Of course, that is brave. That isn’t why I am so passionate about celebrating brave souls, however.

I find it important to celebrate the Brave Soul within all of us! The person that always wears all black, but today wore coloured socks. The one that braved a selfie. The one that braves a smile when their world seems dark. The one that resists the urge to stay in bed, and the one that surrenders to the needed rest. For the introverts that remain hidden and the ones that break out. The ones that embrace change and the ones that resist, and everyone in between. It is the small things that we do and don’t do, everyday, that make an impact on our own life. What seems like an insignificant step to one, is life-altering to another. Honoring that, allows others to honor it within themselves.

Everyone deserves to be celebrated! Everyone is a Brave Soul!!

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