Brave Leap of Faith - Karin Howe

Karin Howe was the lovely Mrs. Potts when I directed Beauty and the Beast. Karin and her 3 boys had been in several Kersley Musical Theatre productions and were definitely part of the family. They were all so helpful and so kind and caring. When I called Karin to offer her the role of Mrs. Potts she was stunned and very uncertain about taking the role on. I encouraged her because I knew she would be absolutely wonderful. She took that BRAVE LEAP OF FAITH and said YES! She was wonderful! Her sweet voice, beautiful face and her lovely gentle manner made her the perfect Mrs. Potts. Reflecting back on the moment of CHOICE for Karin I realize how much courage it took her to say Yes in spite of her fear. She broke through the fear by choosing to say Yes!!! I loved watching her grow stronger and braver each day as we rehearsed and once the show was up and running nothing could stop her! She was a hit. She'd overcome a huge fear by making a choice to show up and just let herself SHINE!!! It doesn't get more brilliant than that!

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