Authentic & Audacious- A Brave Soul Story

Submitted by Ruby Koevort

My Brave Soul is simply the most authentically raw person I know, Pamela Gilchrist!! She has struggled with addictions and mental disorders her whole life. She is a proud Momma, daughter, friend, soul sister and an all around blessing in this world.

It wasn't that long ago if you saw Pam around town, she was limited to riding a motorized scooter. Now she is all over the place on her own 2 feet, or on her sweet banana seat bike!!(I might be a bit jealous)

She is real and honest with her struggles and shares openly so that others may find their way too. It is in her sharing that she heals herself and others. She is a true warrior and to me, proof that earth angels truly do have the hardest burdens to bare. Through all she has endured, she permeates child like innocence with her infectious laugh and vigor! She does everything with an audacious smile, an open heart and raw vulnerability. To meet Pam is to love her. I am all the richer each time she blesses me with her presence. She started a wonderful page to document her journey and each post lifts my heart. Visit Pam on her Facebook Page Pamela's Journey to Herself. Thank you Pam!!💕

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