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Meet the Speakers


Janice Butler

Janice Butler is a heart-centered guide and inspirer.  Janice loves people and is famed as a community builder....


Jade Soetaert

Jade facilitates workshops, retreats, meditations, and classes where she creates a space for people to become aware of their true, natural state of being, creating a clarity and confidence to produce more of that natural state in their everyday lives.

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Lise Schulze

Hi, my name is Lise Schulze and I am a Nia Movement Art Therapist.  I love to support folks in finding their joy and zest for life thru the practice of Nia. 

Nia is a movement practice that combines dance, martial arts and healing arts into a playful blend that allows anybody, regardless of age or restrictions, to feel more in touch with their true Divine Nature. Dance heals, enlivens and nourishes every facet of our beingness.

Zero experience is  required.  If you’ve got a beating heart you can play in Nia. I cant wait to share with you at Brave Souls Day.

Lise Schulze 1d Black Belt

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Sheila Robbins

Sheila Robbins has been a successful entrepreneur at various times in her life, and at the age of 44, she suffered a major heart attack. That did not slow her down, rather, she felt blessed to be given another chance at life, and at the age of 46, went back to school and acquired a bachelor degree in social work.  Prior to attending university, the end of a 23 year marriage came on the heels of the death of her only child, which demanded the courage for her to re-create her life. Her friends would describe her as a free-spirited, deep-thinking, empathic gypsy! They come to this conclusion due to her great passion for humanity and nature, and her never-ending love of adventure. Sheila believes her true purpose in life is to inspire others through her intuitive, natural, and creative senses, and loves to support others who are ready to step into their own brave souls.

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Claude Pellerin

I am a Soul presently experiencing my 77th year in this incarnation, which for me is a cumulation of several Brave Soul adventures. My mother passed away two months after I was born, and my father selflessly saw to my survival until he remarried again three years later. I left home at age thirteen to begin a series of Soul adventures, all of which have contributed to my evolution as a Soul. At the age of sixteen, I was introduced to the construction industry as a surveyor’s helper. Due to my innate people skills, at the age of eighteen I became a supervisor of small groups of workers. From the age of twenty-one to the age of Seventy-four, I supervised and managed a wide variety of large and small construction projects which included teaching and training the workforce. During this time, I partnered in bringing three Souls into this earthly dimension and I divorced my first wife after thirty-two years. I continued my relationship experiences remarrying a single mother with four children. I continue my studies on human-behavior and fulfilling the intention that I set at the age of twelve, “To understand all that I can about life on earth”.

Movers, Shakers and Music Makers


Ruby Koevort

Ruby has shared her soulful voice of gold with audiences since Brave Souls Movement's conception...

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Tru Guy Starhorse

Tru Guy Starhorse is a light worker, musician, singer, writer, storyteller, wpeaker, performer, empowerment guide and a sound alchemist. Tru has given compassionate service toward many healing processes for a wide cross section of society throughout much of his life. Tru is a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Kore Process Coach (shadow work) and Professional Shiatsu Therapist of over 35 years. Tru brings heart-centered original songs and stories to deepen one’s healing and joyfully radiant expression of the heart. Many have shared that Tru’s voice alone has a deeply resonant healing quality.


Viviane Martin

Viviane's life expresses the unknown parts of her that are calling to be made free, opening her up to a world of possibility. Her creations begin as a simple offering of heart and soul and she loves experimenting with color and music in free flowing pure abstract composition. Her ongoing exploration is driven by passion, the influence of jazz, as well as the natural creativity that is so much apart of her. Viviane is open to the possibilities of shift and change allowing each adventure to be one of self-discovery of an untold story. She is an accomplished singer recognized as one of Canada's finest vocalists as well as being a visual artist, performer and teacher.