Our Mission

Bring more love into the world.

Our Goals

Help you discover your value and inner strength through Janice’s book and Brave Souls Day.


Build a Community of Brave Souls sharing stories& talents; developing friendships; and offering support to one another.


Provide support & resources if you feel called to bring Brave Souls Day to your community.


How we do that...

Brave Souls Cylce of Life.jpg

Brave Souls Movement Cycle of Life


Join the Movement!

Being a brave soul is never just a one-day event.  We know you will be inspired by the connections you make at the Brave Souls Day and want to help you stay empowered about the messages you hear.



your Story

We all have a story to tell. Share with others who you are and how you became the person you are. Be brave! 


Make Brave Connections

Meet Brave Souls all over the world. Search links, blogs and events. See what this Brave Community has to offer!


Host a

Brave Souls Day

Do you feel the call to bring Brave Souls Day to your community? Work with the Brave Souls Core to plan an event!