What is a Brave Souls Angel?

Our Brave Soul Angels are dedicated to serving those in attendance at our Brave Soul Events by offering their loving presence, a warm reassuring hug, an ear to listen, or just a hand to hold.


Each Angel is chosen for their compassion & experience; whether they are trained counsellors, energy healers, Reiki masters or teachers.  


Please know our Angels offer loving support should you need strength & reassurance during the day.

Sandy Dickson.jpg

Sandy Dickson

My name is Sandy Dickson. Listening to Janice Butler bring her vision into reality has been inspiring to witness. A sacred energy has been set into motion. I watched in awe from the sidelines as souls stepped forward with their own brave & inspiring stories. I knew I wanted to be around this magical & electric energy.


In my heart, I knew I wanted to help keep the energy growing so I approached Janice Butler and offered to be of service in any way she needed. When I arrived at Brave Soul’s Day, Janice told me she had a job for me. When she invited me to be part of a team of brave souls on stand-by, holding space for anyone whom might need extra love and support, I said, “Sure! I can do that!”  I looked at my nametag, and to my surprise, it was titled “Angel”. Well, that Janice, she does have special way of drawing out and shining the light on bravery, even when you are not looking!

Helen Styles

I love the essence of Brave Souls Day, where we can all stand in the truth of our humanity and our Divinity, opening into the vulnerability of being seen. I am happy to serve as an Angel, offering Presence, love and compassion.

Helen Styles.jpg

Susan Cullen

Susan is a Certified Life Coach, spiritual guide, author, and speaker. She is passionate about guiding others on their journey to living an authentic, empowered, and inspired life.

Linda Stanley

I have lived in Claresolm for 32 years, and my 3 children grew up here. I work part time as a legal secretary but have always been drawn to anything that expands my spiritual side, especially since my husband was killed in an accident 8 years ago. I am happy to be of assistance as an "Angel" at Brave Souls Day.