What is a Brave Soul?

Dan Butler

"For me a BRAVE SOUL surely must be an UNSUNG HERO. How much easier is it to do noble things when we are in the spotlight of public recognition than when we are hidden from view. Who is the braver soul, for instance, the politician who's name appears on a brass plaque giving him credit for the creation of a park he never lifted a shovel to build OR the largely unrecognized mother who faithfully and anonymously cares for a mentally disabled child for life. Untrumpeted heroes are all around us. Let's take the time to notice them and bring them under the triumphal arch where they belong. Justifiably admired by all are Olympic Medalists. Largely unnoticed are those who smile constantly though they will never feel their own legs enough to run. Let us notice clandestine brave souls and endow them with our love more often and abundantly."

Dan Butler

"A brave soul is someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in, no matter the cost. Some people lose friends or family standing up for their beliefs. I think the more someone loses and still holds on to what they believe and know is right, the braver the soul they are."



"A Brave Soul is someone who chooses to follow their intuition into action; especially when that action has never been done before or is contrary to mainstream thinking." 


Danielea Castell


"A brave soul is someone who is not manipulated by fear. A brave soul may find him/herself in a situation where it may be appropriate to be afraid but instead uses that emotion to think clearly having faith that God put him/her in that situation and will be able to get him/her out of it and he/she knows so without doubt. A brave soul is never discouraged by the opinions of others. A brave soul defines his/her purpose and has a burning desire for it's achievement."


"A brave soul - Soul is inner strength, we each carry different kinds and amounts of this strength within ourselves. Knowing our pasts regulate how much and what kinds of strength we easily access is your base strength. What makes a brave soul is knowing what your base is, digging into your soul for more than your"surface" to make sure your inner flag flies high. Then realizing that your strength gives you the bravery to give the people around you solid ground to plant their own flag. Be brave, be personally vulnerable, feel alive because of it and enjoy the warmth of the sun that you bath in because of you."

Keith Carlson

keith Carlson.jpg

"Someone who is willing to continue to grow and change in an effort to make themselves happy. They’re prepared to enter the unknown and embrace the confusion so that they can find true happiness and self-love!" 

Garrett Curtis Pristie


"A brave soul is not static but acquires a rhythm of daily actions, fearlessly expressing their values, principles and purpose in all they say and do. A brave soul experiences the adversities of being human, traveling the journey to compassion rather than revenge, to love not hate, to ultimately evolve as the warrior of their destiny rather than the victim of their circumstance. A brave soul leads the way for others to unlock the goodness and love in their hearts. A brave soul is a miracle within the collective consciousness of humanity.....and so it is."

Diane Tharp


"A soul that is able to walk through the questions,
through the shadows, and despite the fear and
uncertainty continues its journey with trust, is brave.
One that is unimpeded by the ego, and the physical
body, is brave. One that allows itself to be shapeless,
fluid and open, is brave. One that unabashedly waltzes
through our corrupt world free from the protection
of any walls or barricades, open to feeling and
experiencing it all underneath the light of it's own sun,
is brave."

Rietta Brisco

"A Brave Soul to me is someone who will take the next
steps in life, in spite, or maybe just because, of fears
and challenges. They take them by the hand and work
together, face every next step with head held high, an
open mind and loving heart. They are an inspiration to
those around them." 

Diana Pak

diana park.jpg

"A brave soul is one who takes what the universe has presented, faces it (whether positive or not) and comes out the other side having learned something. After all, anyone can walk blindly through life, it takes a brave soul to learn and thrive!" 


Mimi Lessard

"A brave soul is one who perseveres with compassionate acts toward self and others, despite continued feelings of insufficiency and despite continued fears of rejection."

David Warner.jpg

David Warner

Kim Koyama.jpg

"A brave soul is someone who, in their deepest darkest moment, manages to summon the strength to start the long and sometimes painful journey back to their truth."

Kim Koyama

"Someone who keeps on persevering in the face of adversity when everyone else seems to be against you. "

Dave Sutton

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Margy Witbeck.jpg

"I feel a brave soul is one that is willing to see that life choices may not always turn out the way they anticipate yet they move forward with vulnerability, courage, and willingness. A brave soul acknowledges that along with our mind and our body we have a soul connected to all things of spirit. A brave soul walks to the edge of the light and takes that step into darkness because they are willing to know what is beyond what they can see at this moment." 

Margy Witbeck