Brave Souls Day High River 

Pearl Graham

Pearl Graham is an artist, artisan, author, and world traveler. She previously owned a store importing elegant accessories from the countries she had traveled to and brought them to the beautiful city of Victoria, BC. Pearl has two grown children and a grandchild. In 2005, she left her job as an IT professional to live and travel overseas for a year. At this time, she is writing her first book that will be published this fall. Her book “I am Spirit Woman” One woman’s journey of healing the mind, heart and being. Contained within the pages is my lived experience of the precious time I spent in Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Nepal and India in 2005 and 2006.


Lacey Radcliff

Just a small town girl... Lacey was raised in Quesnel BC. She loves singing, dancing and all things musical theatre. Janice told me to brag about here I go. Lacey is so cool (how cool is she?). She can do the splits, count by twos and tie her shoes...wait...Ok, let's try again. This woman is a new mother who sometimes gets to go to the grocery store ALL BY HERSELF. Lacey is a preschool teacher who focuses on kindness and compassion. If you asked her what she wants to be when she grows up she would probably choose to never grow up. I am so looking forward to Brave Souls Day in High River - gathering to share in the love, joy and unique-beauty that is , being a Brave Soul.

Aaron Cheshire

I dream of encouraging you all to love this life to the fullest. I'd like to share with you about the day I lost the magic in my life. And how love has helped me take back my dreams. I thought I was too late but I took control of my life, I have turned the worst day of my life into my life's work.


Tracy Knibbs

Raised without the advantages that most people had, Tracy learned early to count on herself.

Her deep yearning for truth has led to her studying many of the master teachers and she has found much love and light within herself.

Tracy’s sense of humor has been a source of strength and joy as well.
She is a gifted artist, speaker, and writer. 
She truly is a Brave Soul and a miracle.


Grey Keovort

Grey is a 15 year old guitar player that enjoys singing in the shower occasionally. They are going into grade 11 this year and hope to pass with flying colors. In their spare time they write music and love photography, but dislike reading sheet music and watermelon. They're excited to be speaking at Brave Souls day and wish everyone good luck and a clear head.


Helen Styles

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep reverence for Life and have longed to know “God”. As a child I gazed at the stars and wondered where I came from. My life experiences and the seeker in me have led me through many healing journeys. Over the past few years, my deep love for Nature, and breathwork, have become my most profound allies in meeting the sacred within, and remembering my own wholeness. I’ve worked in healthcare for over 30 years, raised three wonderful children, and navigated the hills and valleys of life. I am thrilled to be sharing Breath of Bliss at Brave Souls Day! My intention is to create a space where each of us can experience our own brave soul (perhaps from a new perspective!) and follow our breath toward bliss, a state of remembering our true essence as Love.

Cara Butler

Cara is a Prophet, Goddess, teacher, writer, mystic, world traveler and construction worker. From an early age Cara asked those big questions. Questions like, Who is God's father, Why are people mean to each other and Why dont people just love each other? Cara began her life as a healer at a early age. She loves beauty and nature and the earth often speaks to her. Her words and poetry are a beacon to young and old alike. They call us all home to our hearts, our truth, and encourage us to be Brave Souls.


Georgia Winfree

"Known for her revealing lyrics and casual vocal style, Georgia Winfree often can be found entertaining a crowd. From a coffee house to a smoky late-night pub, her ability to woo an audience is something to see. Once you have witnessed her charisma and experienced the soul that she so freely shares through music, you will never leave her show feeling like a stranger.  Georgia began her musical journey at the age of twelve. Born in Corning, NY, Georgia was surrounded by a creative family. Her childhood dream was to learn to play the steel guitar, which was a regular sound in her daily life.  Georgia has embraced many artistic mediums along with her music, such as painting, wire sculpting, writing - anything that provides her freedom of expression.


Through her music, Georgia reveals her story, offering the listener a peek through the window of her life. Her inward search for understanding over the years has produced both melody and verse. Throughout her creative evolution and many personal transformations, Georgia's greatest thirst has been to provide awareness and hope for an audience who comes with an open mind as well as an open heart."



Lise Schulze

Lise Schulze is a first degree Black Belt Nia instructor, Yogawise, and guided meditation facilitator with many years of movement practice. Lise serves as councillor on Claresholm Town council and is the owner/operator of Studio Om ila and her beloved Red Tent "Lola". Lise has been producing, hosting and facilitating self empowerment workshops for over 10 years. Her private Body Love sessions give people the opportunity to sink deeper into their own bodies and clear patterns of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve them. Lise offers love, acceptance, growth, endless potential and immense self-awareness.


Marj Sinal

Marjorie Sinal is 93 years young and doesn't know what all the fuss is about. She says she still has a lot of living to do! She walked the El Camino in Spain, some 400 miles of pilgrimage, as a young woman of 91 and became famous on Facebook. Her wit and wisdom are amazing and inspiring. Where ever Marj goes a lot of fun and laughter is sure to follow.


Guest Band

Eileen Jones, Tony Allen, Lise Schulze, and Ruby Koevert came together during the Claresholm Seniors productions directed by Janice Butler. The group loved performing together so much that they started their own little band and they've been performing ever since. Eileen is a very talented musician/singer who's talent and big heart make her music heartfelt and fun. Tony our drummer extraordinaire is the even keeled rhythm guy who keeps everything steady and even. Lise, new to this kind of performing, stepped into her own Bravery when she began performing with the group. Together with Ruby, they bring a whole lot of heart and even more love and joy!