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Janice Butler


Brave Souls

To Inspire You in Discovering

Your Own Bravery 

I wrote this book because I wanted you to know that you are a Brave Soul. Over the years I have meet many people and they are all Brave. Every last one of them. In one way or another, we are all Brave! It is my deepest hope that through my book and our Brave Soul Movement you will begin to see this Bravery in yourself.


I want you to honor how many times you have shown up even though you were scared. How many times you tried and tried again, though your faith was shaken and your hopes were shattered. I want you to know how Brave it is to just live your ordinary life day after day. I want you to know that you are never alone. You always have the support of the unseen forces of love, holding you firm on your own pathway to your own truth and your own way of being.

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Toes to the Front

and other life lessons

Janice Butler offers wisdom and guidance in her new book.
As we travel down life’s road, we gather experiences, synthesize them into an attitude, share them with others, percolate them into wisdom and pass them onto our offspring and those around us. Regardless of whether they are good or bad experiences, our ability to absorb the lessons each exposure offers shapes who we are for the rest of our lives. Janice Butler’s experiences and the lessons she learned created a very wise woman and she has chosen to share her wisdom in her book Toes to the Front. 

~ Christy K.

Ruby Keovort


One Minds' Book of

Incomplete Thoughts:

Poetry and Other Thoughts

Ruby feels, thinks, and speaks like an Oracle.  Her divine wisdom shared in this, her first book, alone her Brave Soul journey.  Open the pages and get lost in her powerful stream of consciousness.

   "I have put together the following passages. Not as the beginning, nor as the end of contemplation, but as the interludes to incomplete thoughts. Always room to try and find a beginning or propose an end. No more or less than One Minds’ Book of Incomplete Thoughts.

    Wonderfully incomplete in itself" (Ruby).