Meet the Brave Soul Core Team


Janice Butler

Author & founder of the Brave Souls Movement, Janice Butler is a Registered Clinical Counselor who has been in private practice for over 20 years. She received her BA in Education at the University of Lethbridge and  her MeD in Counselling Psychology  at the University of Victoria.  

As a keynote speaker and mentor, Janice desires to use her one brave life to serve the world with the talents and abilities she's been gifted with. She is deeply committed to helping people move past their fears and recognize the divine within themselves.


Joscelyn Stangowitz

I am excited to be part of the Brave Soul Conference!  I live in Nanton and I grew up on a ranch north of Brooks, Alberta.

I love seeing people shine in their light and supporting those in need like others do for me.  I have lost both my parents in the last 5 years and I am finding my strength in the change of my life. I have a beautiful family and I am devoted to my husband, daughter, and son.

It is important to me to be a part of my community and give back another reason I am so excited to be a part of Brave Souls.

What do I want you to take away from the event?  Leave the day with a feeling of being uplifted in being you, awakened into your strength of bravery, and the gift of love in how connected we are in our struggles and willingness to keep going.


Dianne Put


To say that “Dianne likes to create” is like saying “Dianne likes to breath”.  Putting thoughts and feelings to paper is second nature to her in countless forms.  Not just words get splashed across the pages but images, paints, bits, profanities, photos, and anything that will stay affixed in any fashion that she can make happen.  Rules aren’t her strong suit but instead, she sees them as Jack Sparrow would - as Guidelines. All that she creates stems from her core desires: to connect, to nourish, to love, and to experience joy.


This Cayley resident loves nothing better than hearing those with fear around their own creativity, report back with wide-eyed wonder over their successes.  Be it in one of her art-journaling classes, while rolling dice in a fantasy game, or while having coffee, she loves to break down the myths and airs around Creativity and Shoulds-ville.  Stripping away the stories that keep us frozen and striving to make Life About Joy in our everyday lives. Now, she is stepping up that practice in her life as she writes her first book ‘This Shi(f)t Sucks or, as she has come to accept, her spirit writes and she learns to get out of the way!

“Dianne has always been an artist.  Whether she's cooking her made from scratch delicious fare or painting or sewing, creativity flows from every cell in her body.  Dianne likes to make every moment special and she does that through her artistic pursuits. Journals full of lively unique art line her shelves.  She captures each moment with her individual creative style.” ~ Janice Butler

Kacey Brasnett

Courageous, authentic are a few of the words to describe Kacey. This electric human identifies as an Empath, a Friend, and a Seeker of Truth. She has discovered those truths through her many deep digging sessions with the brilliant facilitators she has been able to learn from, with the likes of Janice Butler, Lise Shulze, Farren Asslay and Juliet Haines just to name a few. Through these workshops, she has discovered what sexuality, bravery, and love truly looks like post-divorce.


Kacey was born in Calgary, raised in a southern Alberta small town. High River is the small town of choice now where she and her 4 kids and large brown furbaby live. She is the owner of an independent hair studio and has found the secret to work-life balance as an entrepreneur at a young age.

One of the recent brave things she did was hike 10 km in the back-country in the pouring rain completely alone. She said the only things that scared her were the frogs and the big black cows in her path. She has a great love for the outdoors and never lets anything stop her in trying new things. Her life's work is to find gratitude in the struggle.