Discovering Your Own Bravery

A Day to Find, Explore, and Celebrate the Brave Soul

in Each of Us!

Join us for a powerful day-long event featuring amazing Brave Soul Stories that we know will inspire you, move you, and connect you with your own Brave Soul. 

Brave souls poster 2021.png

Do not wait until your story is complete before stepping into the circle!  Join us and draw strength and encouragement from your successes and those of others around you. Share in the hurts and struggles and find support for your own gifts that you may also inspire & strengthen others.
As a community, we are stronger than any force that challenges us.


Our Bravery is not small.  It may be quiet, it may be holding firm in the shadows, it may be waiting to be seen.  It does not matter where you are in your journey; stumbling and fighting to keep your breath,  face down in the dirt, or perhaps in a reflective place of recognition for the mountain you have climbed.  Honor that strength and that place within yourself and see it those around you.


Connecting with other souls and sharing the grandness of our everyday triumphs and struggles is the purpose of the Brave Souls Movement. We are growing and honoring our journey as we support and celebrate with other brave and brilliant souls.  This movement started with a book and continues to resonate with people across the globe. Together, we are creating a dynamic movement.


Success looks different for every journey but our common hope is that we grow, as individuals and as a collective, with each new adventure we face. Always taking inventory and giving thanks for the opportunity. 

"Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness."

~Brene Brown

Join the Movement

Being a brave soul is never just a one-day event.  We know you will be inspired by the connections you make at the Brave Souls Day and want to help you stay juiced about the messages you hear.

Want to share your own brave story?

Want to bring this message to your community?

Want to connect to a Brave Community worldwide?

There are so many ways to experience

the Brave Souls Movement!